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Serial entrepreneur working on getting my third real business off the ground. Always a lot of heavy lifting with no end in sight, but at least this one will be fun. The last one was a billing company selling software to utilities, and I can tell you, that ain't fun.

The current business, Cozmo Media, is developing a software product called CozmoTV. CozmoTV will enable you to find TV shows that are interesting through a Netflix style interface and remotely schedule them for recording on your TiVo or PC (with TV-tuner).

We'll be adding CozmoTV Channels to this platform towards the end of the year. Channels are essentially consumer controlled TV stations that allow any CozmoTV subscriber to aggregate broadcast TV, IP video, and even their own video into Channels. Other subscribers can then record/download these videos onto their TiVo, PC, iPod, cell phone, etc.


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