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February 12, 2005



Hi Alex,

I agree, you seem to be a very good writer, but could you do it in spanish and using terms that I can understand.
Thank you butterf...


Hi Alex,

Well said. Because of your knowledge and direction I have become a TiVo aficionada. Do not understand the makings of the system but definitely enjoy the end product and would not want to give it up. I will be looking forward to the "better and updated" TiVo. Keep up your wonderful work.


Hi Alex,
you're a pretty good writer!
Yes, it's a very interesting topic. I wonder where all this stuff is going to, with the big companies using DRM to make sure we can't copy anything without paying through the nose for it. Even heard of some technology that will prevent time-shift recording (no escape from ads). I would expect that alternative, more attractive possibilities will arise - may be from some of the billion consumers!

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