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May 17, 2005



That's interesting stuff Alex. My mind is still boggling! The consequences of this war between open and closed distribution may be far reaching, (will they let us win)?

Let me take a small city example to try to get some clarity in my thinking:

Today Fritz Schmidt is a young journalist employed by the main Nuremburg newspaper, the NZ, for a salary of €4000 a month. He has his own column and writes interesting aticles about local events and politics. The paper costs €1.50 and has a circulation of 250,000.

In 10 years the people who used to buy the NZ get all of their information from open media; the NZ has gone out of business.

What is Fritz living off and how are all those people paying for their (improved) info? There are of course more worrying questions like "what are all the newspaper kiosks selling?" and what about the folks that operated the paper logistics?" but that's out of scope!

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