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June 20, 2006


Mike Machado

Agree with much of your rendering of the state of the market Alex.

I think of YouTube and what's emerging as repackagers more than re-mixers. The major media companies have been packagers and repackagers of media for decades.

It's just that the packaging opportunities are changing faster today and acceptance of the new package forms is strong and beneficial for both consumers and producers. Folks who get that will succeed in this market. Folks who want to keep things just the way they were will end up like other out of date media format suppliers.

Alex Rowland

Nathan, I think that is precisely right. The RIAA and MPAA like to couch these arguments in terms of how they are defending the little guy. The reality is that the little guy is largely sidelined from the argument. A marketplace in which most innovation is rewarded by reputation (thereby directly benefiting the little guy) stands in start contrast to the one in place today. But which is better? Which will result in faster innovation? My money is on the re-mixers…


I think you're definitely right when you say, "The re-mixer isn’t generally motivated by money, s/he’s motivated by reputation."

And perhaps that's part of the problem here, we have two different economic structures colliding here: one based on monetary profit, the other based on repuation profit.

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